Hole Saws Product Description Boya HSS sawing and cutting tools range provides craftsmen with the tools necessary for creating a quality finish. The HSS cutting tools offer includes (masonry, metal, timber and tile cutting tools), allowing the flexibility to work with almost any material. The M2 HSS is a high speed steel cutter for general hole making applications which results in Edge Sharpness that lasts longer, drilling more holes than standard HSS cutters. Special geometry improves performance of centering as well as removal of chips. Salient Features & Advantages 1. Adopt high class high-speed steel as material, with features of good heat resistance, rigidity and ductility. 2. Used to punch holes on all types of metal plates and stainless steel plasters 3. Adopt detachable design to save operation costs. Specification NOTE: Not all products are currently listed on our website. Please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance. How to Control the Quality? At our company, quality is always our top priority. We maintain strict quality control procedures at all stages of the production process, from incoming raw materials to finished products. This ensures that our customers always receive products that meet their exacting standards. 1. Pre-production(Sample Inspection): Pre-production sample confirmation is a process in which a company works closely with a client to ensure that all of the client’s needs are met and that the final product will meet the client’s exact specifications. This process is vital for any new project, especially one that requires highly-customized products. 2. Raw Material: Raw materials with qualified sizes are necessary for our production process, so we make sure to have an expert check your order before it’s processed. This ensures that only the highest quality raw materials are used in our products. Our steel is sourced from one of these reputable factories, so you can be confident that you’re getting a product made with only the best ingredients. 5. Finished Products Inspection: Finished Products Inspection is a necessary step in quality control to ensure that the products shipped are up to standard and will meet customer expectations. By sampling products during manufacturing and checking for potential issues, finished products inspection helps to avoid problems down the line and ensures that the customer receives a high-quality product. 6. Package Inspection: Package inspection is an important process that helps ensure the safety of products during transportation. Package inspectors check for proper packing methods, specifications, and tightness before products are loaded onto vehicles. This helps to ensure that products arrive at their destination safely and without damage. Additionally, package inspection can help to identify any issues with product quality or condition. By catch potential problems early, businesses can avoid costly delays or recalls.Hole Saws website:http://www.boyatools.com/hole-saws/


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