Kamagra as mentioned before helps you in increasing the blood flow to your private parts so that

you can retain the erect posture for a prolonged time. The product is available in both tablet and

gel form. You can choose the form that suits you the best. In case you have any issue about how

to use the product you should always get in touch with the doctors or use the manual enclosed

with the product. You can take the medicine with regular water or milk and do not take the

medicine for purpose other than ones mentioned.

What is the correct dosage of kamagra?

The correct dosage of kamagra will differ from person to person. The product should be taken in

correct levels so that it works effectively. Ask your doctor about the correct dose that suits you

the best. Once you know about the dose make sure that you follow the dose and that too

regularly. Do not take the liberty to make any changes in the dose level on your own.

What side-effects you may face while using kamagra?

You may face some side-effects while using kamagra Bestellen . Some of the side-effects that you may face

while using kamagra includes weakness, dizziness, nausea and stomach ache. Sometimes the

side-effects may get severe so its best that you contact your doctor as soon as you face any of the

side-effects. Do not wait for the side-effects to get severe and contact your doctor immediately.

Where is kamagra available?

You do not need to worry much about the the question where to buy kamagra as there are many

stores that sell kamagra. You can buy online kamagra or opt for regular medical shops. When

you buy kamagra online you will have to follow few basic steps and within few days the


product will be delivered to you. You can Google online kamagra and know about the online

stores that sell kamagra online.