Importance of Indoor Air Quality for Every Commercial Space

The indoor air is maintained through HVAC systems that recirculation the air internally, mostly taking only a small amount of fresh air from the outside in circulation. This makes it a carrier for any virus- or bacteria-laden aerosol by recirculation the droplets elsewhere and creating a potential health hazard.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that indoor air pollution is usually 2-5 times higher than that of outdoor levels. This can be due to various reasons like the accumulation of dust and pollutants in air vents, poor external air quality seeping in, high temperatures and humidity, unvented or central heating systems, etc.

All these reasons and the health risks associated compel us to take a harder look into Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and improve it for everyone’s betterment.

Indoor air quality is an essential element for every human being in the building. A proper UVGI System can make the difference between clean air that is easy and healthy to breathe and pollutants with stuffy air-filled air.

Whether it is workplace productivity or employee wellbeing, businesses are bringing new attention to improving their overall office environments. So why not make the practical decision, and acquire a solution that improves employee productivity and protects against airborne pathogens. Air purifiers are affordable and proven solutions that can rapidly improve the indoor air quality of offices. 


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