With the power of digital marketing, organisations worldwide have been able to catapult their branding before a globalised audience. Businesses once confined to a limited geographical area can now utilise a range of online platforms to attract, engage and convert target markets of every type, pivoting rapidly to expand and share their offerings with countless customers and clients.  This is easier said than done, which is why many organisations make the savvy decision to outsource these tasks to professionals within the digital marketing industry.  As a global organisation, you can either have a single marketing firm monitoring your wider campaign across each individual country or region, or you can rely on local agencies to deliver a more tailored digital marketing strategy to your target market(s).  Sure, the bigger companies may claim to offer a more comprehensive suite of services and even have experience with some remarkable clients, but do they really understand the culture and mindset of the people to whom you’re trying to speak? If not, how will that impact the efficacy of your campaigns?  In this article, the Clearwater team explores six reasons for choosing a local digital marketing agency to undertake your campaigns in Australia.  read more