Electrical Transducers are used in many fields. To help you know it in details, this article will introduce definition, advantages and applications of the electrical transducer.   What are Electrical Transducers? Any apparatus that can transform one form of energy into another is referred to as a transducer. For example- a speaker can be called as a transducer as it converts an electrical signal to pressure waves (sound). An electrical transducer is a device that is capable of converting any physical quantity into a proportional electrical quantity such as voltage or electric current.   Advantages of Electrical Transducer An electrical transducer, which converts physical quantities into electrical quantities, has the following key benefits:   Electrical amplification and attenuation can be easily done. Mass-inertia effects are minimized. The effects of friction are minimized. A distance from the sensing medium allows for remote indication and recording of the output. The output can be modified to meet the requirements of the indicating or controlling units. The voltage current can be used to relate the signal strength. (The analog signal information can be converted into pulse or frequency information. Since the output can be modified, modulated, or amplified at will, the output signal can […] read more