Russian Brides Behind The Former Iron Curtain It has been over a decade now since the Iron curtain has fallen; because of this many Western men have taken the opportunity to visit Eastern Europe in search of beautiful russian brides. A decade back Russia was not a place to visit, things have changed drastically now, Russia has a booming economy and life has changed for many Russian people. Add to this the proliferation of the Internet and you get an explosive combination of factors that has lead to a boom in Russia’s mail order bride industry. Of course there is no such thing as a mail order bride, it makes it sound as though you order a brides and she will turn up on your doorstep the next day! Russian women have also changed a lot and now are very modern and when they are searching for a Western man they have a huge choice, it is not a case anymore of turn up with your passport and any women will marry you, those days are long in the past. Most people don’t think of the abundance of beautiful single women when they think of Russia. They will usually think […] read more