I am already aware of the first question that gets to everyone’s minds the moment they read this question…” a soap is just soap. Right? what is the big deal!” wrong! I hate to break it to you that we all have it wrong…if you bear with me and read through this article you will know exactly why Handmade Organic soaps are better and why exactly do YOU need one. And just in case you are already convinced and are ready to open a new tab and buy just any handmade soap that you can get hold of…don’t do that as well, not all handmade soaps are the same, you heard it right… Head on to my other blog to find out more, it’s the twenty first century and consumer is everything! You might as well just be well informed of what you are paying for… (you’re welcome!) Coming back to the question of the day, what is really different about handmade soaps that make them better than commercial soaps? I will be honest with you, I always had an idea that the “factory made” soaps were harmful for us, and I even had my reasons to believe so…but it […] read more