Here are the Galaxy S23’s Secret Convenience Features   1) With a single click, you can clip items from your images and movies Samsung has implemented an image-clipping feature to the Galaxy S23, like Apple did with iOS 16. You can use picture clipping to remove a person or item from the backdrop of any photograph (or even video) in your photo gallery, allowing you to share it with others.   To remove something from a photograph, navigate to your camera roll and tap the object you wish to eliminate. Due to the fact that not all things can be clipped, you may see a message stating “Couldn’t discover anything to clip.” If an object is successfully clipped, you will feel a tiny vibration and be able to slide it around the image. To play videos, they must be paused.   The clip can then be copied to the clipboard, emailed, sent over SMS, or saved as a new snapshot in the gallery.   2) Use your camera to take expert RAW photos In 2022, Samsung introduced Expert RAW, a new camera application that enables expert photographers to capture images in Expert RAW format. Expert RAW files, similar to RAW […] read more